About Us

There's no compromise when it comes to serving you

At Bread & Hearth, we are passionate about artisan confectionery.

We create recipes to satisfy your delicate palette and we respect you as a discerning customer who appreciates quality.

The team is helmed by a dedicated chef who has more than a decade of experience in artisan baking. Handcrafted artisan bread is our bakery café’s signature style, where every bread and pastry is baked using traditional European methods.

A great emphasis is placed on using age-old bread-making techniques, which may be time consuming, but yields distinct results that discerning gourmands will surely appreciate.

We believe every household deserves the best tasting loaf of freshly baked, hand-crafted bread.

For you to enjoy an aromatic and scrumptious slice of bread, we use the levain starter, an important contributor to bread flavor. As part of our signature artisan baking style, we use only natural ingredients, selected from farms globally.

Every bread and pastry must meet our chef’s immaculate standards of traditional artisanal baking, just so that you can enjoy the fruits of his labour. So come join us, we welcome you to feast your senses and fill your stomach with authentic confectionery at our bakery café. Aromas of our fresh bakes and handcrafted coffee will greet you at our cozy café at 18 Keong Saik Road; our dream bakers’ abode concretized with an Substantial investment that equates to our commitment.

Be it for a pick-me-up breakfast, hearty lunch or comforting dinner, true pastry aficionados will delight in Bread and Hearth’s range of fluffy croissants, exquisite viennoiseries, and sweet and savory pies and tarts. Complete your meal with our café’s premium selection of gourmet coffee, tea and beverages.

Let our special-crafted bakes not only fill your stomach, but also fill your heart with our passion.

Not only do we use our senses to bake for you, we bake with an unyielding love for delicious pastries that is translated into each bread. After all, baking is our bread and butter; our life. Our hearts are where the hearth is.

Enjoyed what we have offered and you would like to spread our love? Give us a call and we can have a chat on how we can cater to your gathering needs.

We have no doubt you would feel at home at Bread & Hearth. So come home, share your Bread & Hearth experiences with us; experience how bread can bring you on a gastronomical journey as you enjoy our huge array of bread and carefully-selected beverages.

For the love of bread,

‘All are welcome, friends and strangers alike, to our humble hearth.’

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